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A paved lot gives a business a more professional look and feel. At N & S Paving, we pave commercial parking lots, factory floors, and more. After jobs are done, we continue to work closely with businesses to ensure that their properties are properly maintained and repaired.

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Paving a stone based lot or driveway

We will grade and level the construction area, haul all loose stone away, add stone where needed, compact the base, apply asphalt layer 1, apply asphalt layer 2, take care of the edges, and all of the sudden your lot or driveway will be glistening and ready for use. Contact us to learn more and to discuss your job.

We've handled a variety of paving jobs all over Central Pennsylvania for the past 30 years. In addition to commercial paving jobs, we offer complete residential paving services, including drainage and more.

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We can pave graded and level parking lots, driveways and stone driveways. Every job we do is done by machine and comes with a 2-year guarantee! Paving thickness is up to you.