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When you require patchwork or other asphalt services, consider N & S Paving. We're reliable and efficient, and we enjoy doing what we do. We'd have to, considering that we've been at it for 30 years. So when you have a paving job to be done, call Central Pennsylvania's best!

Making the rough spots smooth again

Completing the job on time

A 2-year guarantee on all jobs

N & S Paving offers a 2-year guarantee on all jobs. We specialize in asphalt for parking lots, driveways, factory floors, transport depots, and shopping centers. Contact us to discuss your job in detail.

N & S Paving specializes in smoothing out the rough patches. We do this for individuals and businesses alike. Whatever your need, we can handle it!

We wouldn't have been able to stay in business as long as we have if we couldn't get jobs done on time. We show up on time and try our best to complete our projects ahead of schedule.

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your patchwork job.